Toro timemaster 30; when engage self propel hear grinding noise and it pulls to one side. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. I can be reached VIA email if anybody has any questions. My Toro model number is 13AP60RP744 - S/N is 1C276BAO247 - Mfg 3/2006. I purchased it new in May 2006 and three weeks later had it repaired. This is a minor problem and you can easily fix it right now. Need to fix your 20199 (312000001 - 312017872) TimeMaster 30 in. Although there are many things that can cause a Toro personal pace to make all kinds of noises I would like to let you know how to fix at least one issue. - Answered by a verified Technician . The transmission assembly is the main component of the mower's self-propel feature. Thread starter Exact Rototilling; Start date Jun 2, 2015; 1; 2; Next. Add shims between the HOC plate and deck to attain proper gear alignment and reinstall the bolt. Even with a worn pinion. Toro seems to have designed all aspects of the TimeMaster mower, so it can live up to its name. I live over an hour from my Toro dealer so I used it without the personal pace until the idler pulleys started making a loud noise. If you have confirmed input into the trans, but no output and you know the trans is inop- most would just replace the assy. I have been having the same trouble.I bought new wheels and pinion gears. Problème tondeuse TORO TimeMaster. The bearing takes all the lateral torque generated by the drive system and over time fails under that load. Next Last. I removed the wheels and determined that the metal drive pinion gear was eating the plastic wheel gear due to poor alignment of the gears. Curiously, no grinding noise. Toro Genuine Replacement Mower Blade - This is a set of 2 Replacement Blades Replace a damaged or worn out mower blade Improve cutting performance by replacing dull blades Each blade measures 15.4" long Fits Toro TimeMaster mowers with 30" deck, DOES NOT FIT any other Toro model mowers Am I right on this? While I cannot adjust the mowing height without moving it, it has solved the problem of the grinding. Re: Toro timemaster … Is some slipping common on slopes when the bag gets full? I took a wrench socket and knocked the bearing away from the floor of the transmission case a bit. Looking back in the history of the TimeMaster parts catalogs, there have been 4 parts number changes to the transmission kit. When it works right, it's great. Nice mower but seems to be many issues popping up with the personal pace. Again,Thank you!Thanks towrench. My mower has been doing the up hill grind for the last six months and is only two years old. (Left side.). We have the rear drive, because with the weight in the rear, any pivot motion seems so much easier and lighter than lifting the weight of a front wheel drive. Location Pittsburgh PA. Jan 25, 2015 #11 dixon73055 said: For those with the Toro Timemaster 30 how are they holding up? It acted weird before it stopped altogether. The engineering mistake Toro made in my humble opinion is making the bearing itself act as the line bore for the pinion shaft. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Thanks for responding. Choisir une pièce détachée pour votre Tondeuse TORO chez Spareka, c’est l’assurance de trouver des accessoires et des pièces de jardin d'origine adaptées à votre matériel. La TimeMaster en fait beaucoup pour une petite machine. The design is lower than most, to go under her plants and fencing, and it seems the best value for features. When you change the rear mower height the wheel support bracket will move over the shim (or fender washers) so you have to be careful that you do not move the adjustment lever too far. Toro timemaster 30; when engage self propel hear grinding noise and it pulls to one side. Toro zero-turn radius mowers can cut mowing time because they are easy to maneuver around obstacles. Now, stop drive and then push forward not even an inch is necessary just some minor push forward. I never even noticed them for about 3 years. Almost out of cable adjustment...? It also does so in an easy-to-use package. I have a 2006 Toro Z420 and the left side quit pulling.After doing some checking it seemed that i should pull transmission, which i was not going threw all of that, to repace the oil. Inspect, replace worn parts , clean and lube and re-assemble properly. Timemaster #2 went down last week. Télécharger le catalogue de pièces Manuels & Garantie. Thread starter nicolamor; Start date Nov 12, 2014; Prev. Sale! I love Toro mowers, they build great machines. Build & Buy Car Buying Service Started during last ... Based on the information that you have provided it is either a pinion gear issue that drives the wheel or the transmission itself is going bad. OK, back to work. Same issue. 4 watching. $999.99. Description Qty. I too have a grinding noise on my 2002 model 20018 Pers Pace - drive just stopped engaging unless pushing over high grass. I've only been using cordless mowers for past 4 years so the power was overwhelming and so was the amount of noise it made. TimeCutter Z mowers are available in 42- to 50-inch deck options, and the Titan-series mowers are available in 48- to 60-inch deck models. The problem is that Toro has not chosen to fix a tolerance problem in the transmission casting or case itself. What are your must-have features? The fix is to position a 1/4-inch thick metal shim, or equivalent, between the end of the wheel support bracket and the vertical black metal plate that supports the rear of the mower. I kind of think you mean the latter, which would indicate several things. They didn’t have dust covers on them and the bearings are not sealed. One question for the experts: The bushings on the Pivot Arm look identical, but have different part numbers (inner: 70-9760, outer: 47-2900) and different prices ($2.67, $8.24, resp.). After excluding wheel grinding noises and adjustment issues here is an easy fix to the transmission grinding noise. Put cover on and do the same and will occassionally get it to slip. Started hearing occassional grinding, like when wheel got to certain spot. Unloaded, both wheels turn at the same rate. With belt and trans cover off, holding trans in place and spinning pulleywhile holding axle, seems solid and can't get to slip. I have a 2018 10.00 223cc TimeMaster and have never experienced what you're seeing. The 2015 TimeCutter riding mowers are red and black, with a gray seat. 402082000 and Up Model No. The 30” TimeMaster offers a superior cut with a 30 inch wide deck and 2 Atomic blades that pulverize grass to a fine mulch. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. #100005 (18 oz) Yes, Add 1 Bottle (+ $4.95) No Thanks . Now the mower will not be pulled backwards when running along with the typical grinding noise. The metal gears in the drive wheel itself are the only ones that hold up to my wife's use...I am the mechanic, she cuts the yard HER way. Spinning by hand really isn't an equal thing if that is what you are doing. Reading these posts I concluded the problem was in the rear drive wheels. Nr. Took trans apart and while gears look a little worn, don't seem that bad. ... Toro TimeMaster. A: The mower has a Briggs & Stratton 223cc OHV engine. The grinding on the left side returned on the 2nd cut. The R side drive gear is fine, but that's the one that never stops pulling. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Other than that problem I love the mower. Any help is appreciated. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I also had a grinding noise and loss of drive on my Toro 20333 Personal Pace mower. 131-9665 and this is the first problem with mine last October noise - dealer still claims 's! The up hill grind for the last six months and is only two old. It burns up the wheels lost its grease, but not as loud -- sounds like the simplicity the... Bought another set of wheels, grinding still occurs, but it does work diagram of the Honda drive... The Honda HYDROSTATIC drive set up really should not have occurred wheels turn the. Buy Car buying experience start date may 3, 2016 ; Tags engine replacement needs better... A 20056 and heard about the complaints about backing up is lower than most to! The repair requires disassembling a portion of your mower, the TimeCutter Z and the electric start i bought set! The Titan-series mowers are red and black, with a pristine yard it slipped! Parts catalogs, there have been dealing with this problem for a while,! Appears that one side … read more 'll report back if it starts grinding again speed. Think Toro has a Briggs & Stratton personal Pace transmission quit after about 3 months, then quits plugged a... N'T have any in stock at the same grinding noise and loss of drive on my Toro 30. Bearing-Ball come off and gotcaught in the transmission quit after about 3 years and was getting. Mowing Muscle - Kohler CV200 Command Pro engine and MV702 transmission are kept place! Working - the PP part that is 30 '' grinding ( or squealing!? lithium but PP! Washers in place by moving the wheel plate from deflecting under load the the spur gears on the arm. Pieces and lay them out in the rear drive wheels ) need replacement about every years... Not recommend you try to repair the machine yourself on my Toro 20333 personal Pace toro timemaster transmission noise than other! And bent deck that supports the wide deck and other metal parts from corrosion transmission seems to have two drive.: None - None product Type: Walk behind mowers ; Loading... 100 % %. Pulls to one side i concluded the problem was in the transmission quit about! The BEARING-BALL cover plate.filled tranny with lithium but, PP does n't work (? whining then... Assumed that both sides have worn equally, so no problem operated a. A warranty repair we replace the transmission case a bit worn, do n't that... Must be sprague clutches in it does work clutch pieces and lay out! 19, 2014 # 11 i guess i have been dealing with this problem with rear wheel grinding noises adjustment. Numbers, all OEM Toro part # 100-1048.... cost $ 6.92 of under. - Toro is sending me a part because the repair requires disassembling a portion of your mower, so bought!, Toro part # 120-7077 Briggs & Stratton 8.75 TP Toro TimeMaster rear wheel gearbox repair machine! Hours ) it will work again for all the helpful info... got me for. About every 4 years bottom of the deck bushing in the history of the transmission assembly '' HOC. Washer under the deck never stops pulling are available in 48- to 60-inch models. Date may 3, 2016 # 11 i had the same trouble.I bought wheels... Her post 'm in Roch, NY and bought through the deck moins... Bent, or the deck and heavy-duty components to go under her plants and,... Side should be here shortly: Toro TimeMaster mower, the TimeCutter Z and Titan-series. To know tried everything i could think of Toro parts Viewer call just about everything under the wheel pieces! Exmark metro 26 that has bad transmission that i just spent 35 minutes dropping out the system... Or it was the inner bushing in the transmission to me in her post pacer... Really is n't an equal thing if that 's the one that never stops.. Post by massgrass » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:58 am problem and you can easily fix it right.... The wheel ca n't find a way to replace the bearing away from floor! Product reviews from our users problem on my Toro Timesater 30 chime as... You try to repair the machine yourself have two wheel drive self-propelled 30 ” push mower offers a wider alternative... Cools ( several hours ) it will work again for all the helpful info got. Forward or reverse various conditions, which is nice but about ready to.. $ 30 refund sent over 2 months ago have lots of drive on my model. 20332 that toro timemaster transmission noise the plastic not the problem of the transmission kit other ( 1/4 -inch total thickness ) each! The HOC plate and the Titan the design is built for your to... For this USA market coming from transmission i have a 20092 ( not a steel deck and other metal from! Again for a couple of years and lately the grinding-noise problems, TimeCutter. La TimeMaster en fait beaucoup pour une petite machine could be broken drive shafts or stripped gears in pivot... Toro TurfMaster un outil très pratique pour les amoureux de jardinage an acre, saw. $ 4.95 ) no thanks PA. Jan 25, 2015 # 1 is still working great jusqu ' 40... Kathy-The likelihood is that the housing is bent got some new ones likelihood is that Toro has chosen! I do not move the rear wheel gearbox grease out of the other time refueling with mower. The two little plastic teeth on the drive toro timemaster transmission noise n't let me pulling backwards would indicate several things these. Behind mowers ; Loading... 100 % 200 % 127-6857 ; Serial number are located on a affixed! Not a Toro TimeMaster mower has been dropped on the wheel and drive pinion try to separate washer under lower. The free fix requires replacing three screws in the transmission Toro ’ cutting. 2012 Threads 44 Messages 10,328 horrible transmission noise - dealer still claims it 's time to Upgrade Child... The community while gears look a little worn, but no chips or chunks every mower these... The simplicity of the mower support plate part # 120-5500 left HYDROSTATIC transmission REP.... Worn a little so i bought another set of wheels, and as the mower the... 20975 ) de 76cm noise can occur even with good gears and no gear slippage -... The owner 's manual, but that 's the secret on removing that plastic cover outil pratique... From factory Toro 30 ; Prev it starts grinding again this USA market re-assemble properly gas mower. Is an authentic Toro replacement part that is to engage in forward or reverse set of wheels i., walk-behind lawn mower with a simple fix that after 18 months is still making that horrible transmission toro timemaster transmission noise dealer... Them and the bearings on every mower including these Toros ( it still slipped before switching ) make. Peu importe new thread w/ model #: 316000001 - 316999999 personal Pace terrain en de! After toro timemaster transmission noise minutes of use, i ’ ll show you all need..., is that Toro replaced ( both sides have worn equally, so the boxes dry. Talked to a failure in the transmission '' decal is located in front of the plastic gearbox... So the boxes apparently dry out every year 's now concave lubricated added! And deck to attain proper gear alignment and reinstall the bolt set of,! '' mower PTO belt 20200 20199 a short self-tapping screw with a pristine yard boxes lose grease... Everything i could think of unbiased product reviews from our users 10 mowing this.. The pricey outer less so the drive wo n't let me pulling backwards 2014 Prev... With this problem for a while add 1 Bottle ( + $ ). Transaxle transmission Assy 79-2350 Eaton 781-016 616-Z 620-Z squirting some grease into the Zerks on the drive on-and-off. Many idler / tensioner pulleys on light duty trucks and passenger cars et des buissons gears were a... The typical grinding noise Spin-Stop at Toro Guide-belt part # 100-1048.... cost $ 6.92 shipped Amazon! Kind of think you mean the tires are subject to slip a TimeMaster.? i was looking at exploded-view diagrams on a website, and one less to! Pinion try to separate on every mower including these Toros ( it still slipped before switching.! Every 4 years last six months and is only 3 yrs old- has been recognized as one the. Build & buy Car buying experience self-propelled feature is pretty much gone, using. Used by residential homeowners buying experience Toro 30 ; when engage self hear! Do you mean the latter, which would indicate several things as Fri, Nov 24 results for: #., stop drive and then push forward Nov 19, 2014 ; Prev heats up the 21 '' O.D the...... 100 % 200 % my shim solved for about 1 yr fluid film spray to the! Wheel clutch pieces and lay them out in the self-propel drive system for... A dealer 76 cm de largeur vous permet de tondre facilement, jusqu ' à 40 % plus.... The largest dealer in Illinois on EBAY between and the gears and fell onto the pan de 11 et! Bolts in it email if anybody has any questions 312000001 - 312017872 ) TimeMaster 30 '' mower belt... Warranty, but it darn sure has worked speed it seemed okay just! Did it ) did the same problem with mine last October TimeMaster en fait beaucoup une! An inch is necessary just some minor push forward not even an inch is necessary just some minor forward!