Instead of extra pay, some companies offer additional paid time off if a team member works a weekend, holiday, or evening shift. The exact terms of a shift differential arrangement will be stated in an employer’s employee handbook. 1. Night differential is an increase in pay to compensate employees for working night shifts. Budgeting. Timesheets for Night-shifts Excel Timesheets to calculate Nightshifts. 0.05 X $5000 X 2 (5% of $5000 for each differential shift): $500. Here are 3 methods on how to explain Excel that you finished … Shift Pay Differentials. Yes, all shift differential pay must be included in the calculation of the regular rate of pay used to compute an employee's overtime rate. Differential Equation Calculator. Shift Pay Differential is additional compensation over an employee’s basic annual salary which may be authorized by the Director of Classification and Compensation subject to approval by the Director of the Budget. If you skip parentheses or a multiplication sign, type at least a whitespace, i.e. For example, a 10% shift differential is applied to a base wage of $20, resulting in $22 being paid per hour. Nursing is a role that requires around-the-clock coverage but working those night shifts(for example)is not easy. The covered period of night shift differential is the work performed between 10PM until 6AM of the following day. Currently, when an employee works hours after 5 p.m. or before 8 a.m. in the same day, the system is adding up ALL of the hours worked after 5 p.m. and before 5 p.m. to determine shift differential eligibility. Email . I just need a formula, or formulas that will calculate my shift Differential Time from 8pm-8am. NOTE: For a standard timecard calculator that doesn't calculate split days, click here. Close. For hourly employees, a shift differential may be a percentage of the employee’s base rate or an extra flat amount per hour. The Pay Differential may be prescribed for those employees on a night shift, four or more hours of which fall between 6 PM and 6 AM. Shift differentials are separate from your regular rate of pay in several ways: *Any SD pay is separate from regular base pay and only for shifts other than normal Monday – Friday shifts. The IF function first tests if it was a night shift, then test to see if it was worked overnight (A5