It cannot be clicked and usually appears gray. (The limit is 1000 characters.) Logo image within link text. ,
, , etc.). The alt text is designed to display when an image doesn't load, whereas the title text is designed to display balloon text for images that do. This Boolea… It may be useful to provide expansion … If the content that the image conveys is presented within text in the surrounding context of the image, then an empty alt attribute may suffice. The In this case we can leave the alt attribute empty, as otherwise a screenreader would announce ‘button – close close’. ... Activate the Close button. So, the text field will empty. Only for type="submit", Specifies how form-data should be encoded before sending it to a server. So if y… Inside a with its contents between the start and end tag. Only for type="submit", Specifies that the form-data should not be validated on submission. If the menu button has no visual text label – which, by the way, is really bad for the user experience – then it needs an alt-text (or another way of describing its function in code, like aria-label). Alt text for informative images If the image is a photograph, drawing or painting, the alt text needs to describe the image as concisely as possible. The