Most lights do not support all attributes. I suppose I could put non-hue bulbs in. All Philips Hue lights, ... Hue Outdoor sensor – Place the battery-powered Hue-Outdoor Sensor outside, and its motion detector will turn on the lights via a connection to a Hue Bridge. I’d appreciate not being trolled. Also pretty much every time the All Lights on, All lights off, All Lights on at Sunset and Good Night Hello Home Actions work with zero issue with 7 hues, 2 lightstrips and 1 LivingColors either triggered manually or scheduled. I have no automations in either HomeKit or Hue, I have made sure everything is off and yet they are still coming on by themselves. Recently they’ve been randomly turning on by themselves for seemingly no reason at all. If your lights are controlled by a hard-wired light switch (e.g. I have no rules with this light but when I switch it on in the sitemap it then randomly dims and then turns off this is happening with about half of my hue lights. Ever come home to have all your Hue lights on 100% brightness because of even a slight power outage or “brownout”? I have about 10 hue white bulbs setup through HomeKit. None of those have changed. Connect Philips Hue to Google Home TBH, based on your worries I'd set everything back to factory, wipe everything and start over. Service light.turn_on. Recently they’ve been randomly turning on by themselves for seemingly no reason at all. Lights all turning on by themselves. Tap Light setup, then select the light that keeps turning itself back on. Lights turning on by themselves. Nothing disconnected me or my wife from our phone apps which I was hoping to see to know any compromising device was logged out too. They never were able to do anything about it except wait for a software update that seemed to fix it. This has been going on for months now, and lately it's started happening in the living room, kitchen and hallway too. I went through and turned off every automation possible and yet they still seem to be turning on by themselves or turning off by themselves. I am using Hue rooms rather than Hue zones, but I did temporarily try to divide the bulbs into zones instead, which did not change anything. For the last few months, those lights spontaneously turn on by themselves. Is it ALL of the lights doing it together? Just started about 3 days ago. But I’m not going to stay in the room and stare at lights for 2 hours. The last month or so, 1 light keeps turning itself off whenever the others are on. The default setting is for the bulbs to turn on to default (100%/white) after a power interruption. I think when a totally different fixture was turned red I was convinced of my hacker theory. Disable Your Philips Hue Routines Another reason your Hue smart bulbs might turn themselves on is if you enabled routines in the app at certain times. If everything checks out, tap the “All Good” button at the bottom. My entertainment center has some accent lights that are controlled by one of those touch switches that's operated by static electricity. If you wish to hide the lights so you cannot see them as they are perhaps distracting depending on the location of your bridge, then they could be covered with wire tape to block the light. Had this happen once while using a third party Hue app. I’m not sure if there is a recent update that could have caused this. Just out of curiosity, you haven't recently downloaded the Hue sync app have you? This is easy to do using the Philips Hue app, which is available an Android and iOS. Your entertainment area has been created and you can now move onto setting up the Hue Sync app on your Mac or PC. My mom has old wiring in her house and her Hue lights like to come on randomly too. Discussion. The solution I found was to manually (ie, pull the chain) turn each lamp off then back on again.